Bad Luck Birthday

September is never a particularly lucky month for me. There's always something awful: a hurricane that knocks out our power and makes us miserably hot, or the car breaks down, and we can't afford to repair it. You name it, it's usually happened in September.   

I've gotten used to equating my birthday with bad luck. It's almost normal to me now, which sucks, cause... you know... Birthdays are supposed to be fun and happy. Then again, if you consider that one grows older with each year, maybe it really isn't so fun and happy. 

But...even still,  I do usually like to celebrate the idea that I'm still somehow alive, and I suppose the fact that I was born is a good thing. I wouldn't have been able to write songs or books if I hadn't been. 

So, despite the month starting off terribly (flat tire, then a vile downstairs neighbor yelling at us that we have a leak when we don't), I'm going to attempt to celebrate my birthday anyway with a couple of book sales. Why not? 

Both Shiva XIV  (book 1) & The Artist will be .99 cents from the 14th-16th. The 14th is my b-day, so if you would like to celebrate with me, and possibly help balance out my bad luck, go ahead and buy one of these books during that time, and possibly read/review them. I promise they're entertaining. I also worked really hard on them, if that counts. 

I know it doesn't show much on my weirdly forever young face, but I'll be 46 this year. That's crazy. I feel like I was just 30. Where the hell did the time go? I think I spent it mostly on writing, working, and just getting by. It made the years a blur. That's not how I want to live though. From this point forward, I want to savor as much as I can, taking in each day. That'll be hard when fighting such bad luck... But I'm going to try... Because life is precious, even if it's not the life you want to live or had imagined in your youth. I still can savor the love that's given to me, and I can still try to make my bad luck better. 

So, please, raise a glass and toast to me on my b-day... And you know, maybe buy a book. It'll help more than you know. 

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