Prophecy rules, science rebels, and the fate of all depends on a boy named Ayn. 


Born to believe he is the messiah of his dying galaxy, Ayn's destiny is thrown into chaos when an unknown enemy attacks his home.
Forced into hiding, Ayn must learn self-reliance and the truth of his identity. Along the way he meets a rebellious prince named Zin and a mysterious cat creature that only Ayn can see.
Is he crazy? Or is he being guided by the gods? Only through his epic journey will he find the answer.


The Veil of Truth

In the exciting second book of the Shiva XIV series, Ayn finds himself living a new life while he struggles with whether he is truly a god reborn or if he is a mere mortal. Meanwhile, Yol Notama hatches his epic plans on Deius as Reese and Pei lurk in the shadows as Lirhan spies. The stakes are high, and the battle for survival has only just begun.



The Riddle of the Gods


The war for Deius begins, but first, the battle for Sirin must be fought.
In this third and action-packed installment of Shiva XIV, Ayn yearns for freedom while Srah and Axis find their true home. All the while, Yol Notama brings The Tah to the edge of madness! Fates will be decided and old Gods will awaken as the most ancient of riddles is finally answered.



The River of Time


In this climactic volume of Shiva XIV, Ayn reaches what appears the height of success as chaos looms in the shadows and ancient monsters awaken.

In a race against time to save the Un Galaxy, Ayn must face the deadliest foe imaginable. Will he succeed? Or will he fail, never becoming the prophesied "Bodanya" of legend?


The Lion and the Tiger:
A Shiva XIV Story


Lovers and warriors, immortal in love.

Before he became the general of The Tah army in the Shiva XIV series, Hynfir was a young Lirhan soldier in love with a boy he couldn't have. Find out why he would stop at nothing to be with Leif, his tiger among men.


Zin's Wild Ride:
A Shiva XIV Story


Zin Ra is the prince of Ohr, and heir to his father's vast kingdom. Only problem is Zin doesn't want to do anything his father, Lod Enra, wants him to do. Instead of learning science and math, Zin would rather play music and daydream about flying to the stars. One fateful day, Zin makes his dream come true, but at what cost?

This Shiva XIV story showcases Zin as a child, before fate put him in Ayn's path, changing both of them forever.


The Dragon Warrior of Kri:
A Shiva XIV Story


Before Meddhi became the high priest who raised Shiva the Fourteenth, he was a young man, destined to be the Dragon Warrior of Kri. 

Having left his home planet Deius, and the priesthood he believed would guide him, Meddhi is unsure what his new life on planet Kri will offer. His only goal: protect his dear friends Princess Pira and Prince Atlar at all costs!

When Kri is suddenly attacked, Meddhi finds himself at the forefront of war, which calls forth the dark beast lurking in the shadows. Will he tame the beast, or will it conquer his soul?


The Artist
(The Lives and Loves of Apollo Antonius Vidali)

Music... Madness... Sex... and Art. Can love save a man from himself?

Apollo Antonius Vidali was born and bred to be a great artist and musician, but in his search for artistic brilliance, he finds demons best left forgotten. 

Fighting his treacherous past seems impossible until he meets a beautiful woman named Coda. To Apollo, she's an angel of mercy. The only drawback is her own quest for respect as a composer. In a time when women were not seen as equals, Coda may prove more than Apollo bargained for as their love is put to the test. Adding fuel to the fire is Lord Sebastian Raleigh, a contemporary who challenges Apollo in more ways than one. 

In this passionate drama, all forms of art mingle with the sacred and profane as one man searches tirelessly for redemption. Will he succeed or will he drown in the raging storm of his soul?

The Rainbow Serpent

In the time before humanity as we know it, there was a garden, a tree of knowledge, and a serpent who sought the truth. A re-imagining of the "fall" from the snake's point of view, this unique novella is a spiritual fairy tale to last the ages.

Sediments: The Selected Poems of Lyra Shanti

This 2nd edition contains the selected poems of the prolific poet, playwright, songwriter, and novelist, Lyra Shanti. Passionate and unrestricted,  this collection is one of a kind.

Promise of The Opal Final-Gemstones1PSDv

Promise of the Opal

(Gemstones: Book 1)


What secret does the opal hold?

Sam doesn't know why she keeps dreaming about a priest and a warrior from ancient China. Strangely enough, Jon is having the same recurring dreams.

The only thing both of them know is that Sa and Gan had a passionate affair to last the ages, and somehow, it's Sam and Jon's shared destiny to remember their forbidden love.

Will remembering the past make them fulfill a promise made long ago?


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