May Day Specials!

Hey, everybody! I've got great news! There be bargains ahead!

Check out all these awesome .99 cents books on sale for today, May 1st! Some of them might still be .99 after today (like my Lion and the Tiger short story) but some might just be for today! Go get those bargains! 😀

Click here to get the Mayday bargains!

And now for a bargain for all you Star Wars aficionados...

Starting May the 4th (May the force!) all 4 books in my Shiva XIV series will only be .99 each! This sale will only last through the weekend, though, so get them while they're hot! 

And to make the bargains even sweeter, all of my Shiva short stories will be absolutely FREE, but only on the 4th, so get! 😃 

Click here for the Shiva XIV specials on Amazon!


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