Friday the 13th: Book Bargains, Fab Fest, and the VFC!

Hey, awesome peeps! Just here to let you know about the amazing book specials and events going on this weekend! 

First of all, don't miss the FABulous Facebook event of the season! To celebrate Indie Author day, me and my fellow Indie Fabs are holding a 3 day festival! Just think Woodstock without so much mud, drugs,  and nakedness. Ok, you could probably could go to this event naked since you're at home and can wear whatever you want... but we wouldn't know, so go for it! 

The Indie Fab Festival will be from Friday, Oct 13 till Sunday Oct 15 am day and night with the Fabs themselves holding special hours from 6pm-10. Guest authors are from 12-6 Sat & Sun, and Character Happy Hour is at 6 every night! It'll be a blast! Come join us here:

Next, you'll want to check out the freebie books going on at Support Indie Authors !

For ONE DAY ONLY, a few of my books and so many wonderful indie books will be FREE

Go here to get the spooky freebies!

And last but definitely not least, the amazingly cool Virtual Fantasy Con will be held from Oct 13-21 on Facebook where I'll have my own booth here!:

You'll not want to miss the fun with all the other sci-fi and fantasy authors as well as the video panels, which I'll make a few appearances at! So many freebies and games too! Don't miss it!!

Ok, that's it for now. Now go have a FABtastic weekend! Hugs!! 😄


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