The green-eyed monster & how to destroy it.

Jealousy... A recent post by a good friend made me think about it. I try to stay away from the green-eyed monster as much as possible since I know it does absolutely no good for anyone, especially me. But the truth is, I feel envy all the damn time. Having been born with very little as a child (no father, barely any money), I've always had it rough... And I've gotten envious about people with better houses, better parents, better jobs, better clothes, better appearances, better luck, etc! Everything you can think of, I probably envy it. Lol But... At the end of the day, I'm me, and this is all I've got. I've tried really hard throughout my life to push for my dreams, even when I wasn't given much. I've tried to be myself, no matter how much was against me or told me not to be who I am. I never wanted to give up, and I never wanted to succumb to jealousy... because that would make me feel even worse. Envy doesn't help anyone; it only hinders and makes both parties feel like crap. The person who is being envied feels like they can't be loved for who they are, and the person having the envy feels small. It's crap all around. So, moral of the story: don't let yourself fall into the trap of envy! Instead, focus only on what you CAN do to love yourself and believe in your dreams and abilities. Just be the best YOU you can be. There's no one else you can be anyway, right? :) Once you let go of spending time on jealousy of others, and focusing on loving yourself, you can be supportive to others without fear. They are great, you are great, but in different ways. I think this country... This entire world has become too obsessed with competitive thinking. It's ok to have healthy competition here and there, but geez... all these tv shows based on winners and losers... And even our egomaniac president... It's not good. Why can't we all be winners in our own rights? I try not to take any of that stuff seriously. If I win an award or attention for my books, I'm thrilled and honored, but I know it's fleeting. I enjoy it, but I don't hold onto to it too hard. At the end of the day, it's just a trophy to use for advertising. I believe in my stories... And that's what really matters. Besides, I care more about what my dearest friends think than if I get awards. Sorry, this ramble was long... But you know, my brain takes a while to get where it's going. Lol I guess that's why I write epic sci-fi/fantasy books. ;) Love you all! Keep on shining!! 

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