Thunderclap, Dragon Party, Butts and Zombies! Oh My!

Hey, everyone! So, I have a few announcements! First of all, I reached 100 on my thunderclap campaign for The Dragon Warrior of Kri! Yay!! 

It's thanks to all of you that there will be a big share of posts and tweets that day about the book. Let's see if we can get over 100! :) The bigger the share, the better!  

In other news, a different Shiva backstory, The Lion and the Tiger, will be FREE tomorrow (Sun the 20th) and then on the 26th too. It's part of "Butweek"... Yes, Buttweek. Lol 

My friend and fellow author, C.B. Archer, known for his "elfrotica" books is having a big sale with a collection of gay romance themed kindle books and mine is included! Check it out here:

If gay romance is just not your thing, how about zombie mother in laws? Lol I mean, Halloween is right around the corner!

Check out my friend's highly amusing book "My Undead Mother in Law"

If you're still reading this quirky blog post, then know I think you're AWESOME! And don't forget, the Dragon Warrior of Kri comes out on Sun, the 27th! 

There will be a Party on Facebook  where you could even win a copy! 

Until then, you can pre-order it now! Find out about Meddhi's secret life before he became the high priest in Shiva XIV!

Ok, that's all my news for now! Cya at the events!

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