Sunshine Blogger Award Character Interview

I’ve been nominated by Stephanie Barr and Jesse Frankel for the ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’, where a character in one of my novels has to answer ten questions about themselves. I’ve combined their questions and have chosen the lucky interviewees to be Ayn and Zin from my epic sci-fi series, Shiva XIV. Ayn is my story's messiah and Zin is the prince of the planet Ohr. I'm excited! Let's see what they say!


1. How would you describe the environment of your world?

In The Un galaxy, there are five main planets: Ohr, Dieus, Kri, Sirin, and the outpost planet, Xen. My home planet is Ohr where huge oceans are endless and our city’s tall buildings reach the sky. However, the story’s main focus begins with Deius, which is where Ayn comes from. He’s the main character, I suppose. *shrug* Deius is a lovely planet with many mountains, forests, and even great deserts and plains. Unfortunately, there is also a sickness spreading through its inhabitants. The epidemic seems to hit hardest where the energy resource of “plasma” is most frequent. It has also affected the environment, though it’s not as bad as on Sirin, which is like a wasteland.

2. What's your biggest flaw?

I have flaws? I am a prince, you know. *grins*

Okay, I’m kidding. We all have flaws. I suppose I tend to have a short attention span and lack of patience. At least that’s what my teachers have always told me.

3. Who is the evilest person in your novel and why is he/she/it that way?

I think everyone would agree that, even though he’s not the main “Baddie,” Governor Seith is pretty evil. He owns slaves, cares nothing for others, treats his wife with a twisted contempt, and is obsessed with power and money. Also, he looks like an eel. Really. It’s disgusting.

4. Do you have a sweet tooth? What is it?

I don’t, but Ayn is crazy for sweets. He may be the supposed savior of our universe, but if you put a plate of sweet bread in front of him, he’ll eat it like it’s the only food left in the galaxy.

5. Are you a strong person at the beginning of your story, or do you grow along the way?

I think I’m pretty strong as far as courage goes. I mean, I journey to new worlds without a second question. Then again, that may be just my impulsive foolhardy tendency. I think that takes some bravery though, right? However, I grow along the way too.

*Ayn shakes his head from across the room*

What? I do too! I become much more patient and selfless! I swear, Ayn thinks so little of me, but I really do get better!

6. Are you into wearing fancy clothes, or are you a casual style dresser?

I love to dress up! One of my favorite things to do is get a top designer to come up with a great suit or costume for me, and then I’ll attend a party or go on a date with a lovely lady. I prefer shiny silver and blue suits, but I’m open to anything! I’ve even worn hangy earrings before. Everyone is into earrings on Ohr, even males. I think it’s because of our gills. My mother loves to wear earrings on her gills, but that looks painful to me.

7. What is the greatest challenge in your life? What is your biggest failure AND success?

Wow, what a question! I guess my greatest challenge is how to stay true to my soul. I’m a musician by nature, but my father, the king of Ohr, always wanted me to be a warrior and leader. I’ve tried to remain true to myself, and I’ve avoided the military altogether because of it. However, I have a feeling I won’t be able to stay away from my responsibilities forever.


1. What do you most want to accomplish?

When I was a small child, I was told by the priests of Deius that I am the reincarnation of the god, Adin, and that I would find a way to save our galaxy from illness, war, and destruction. But as I’ve grown, I have not been able to imagine how to accomplish the task they set before me. My own personal goals are simple though. I want to find a way to love and know my true self… and I want to save the people I love. If I can do at least that, I think I will feel a sense of accomplishment.

2. What shore or responsibility do you hate most?

I guess being told at an early age that I am “The Bodanya,” the savior of Deius, and the entire universe. I didn’t know how to accept such a huge destiny. I still don’t. I’m not sure I hate it, but I don’t know how to be the god they think I am.

3. What do you do when you feel overwhelmed? Truthfully, I am overwhelmed quite often, especially when I am faced with danger or being held against my will. Luckily, I have friends whom I can depend on, and they help me through my darkest moments.

4. If there was one of your traits you wished you could change, what would it be and what would you change it to?

I wish I could make decisions faster. I also wish I had a body that confused me less. But let’s not talk about that...

5. What aspect of yourself are you the most pleased with?

My long hair is quite nice, I think. It looks much like my beautiful mother’s hair. I find pride in it… probably more than I should. I’m also a good-hearted person, I think. I do my best, anyway.

6. If you could turn into any animal, which one would you choose and why?

I would be a sarax like my friend Axis! He is like a cat and a bird mixed together, like what they call a sphinx or a griffin maybe. I would love to be brave and bold and fly through the sky! I get to feel it a bit through Axis, but I wish I could be a Sarax too. It must be so freeing and wonderful!

7. Would you replace your author if you could? Does you author annoy you?

No, Lyra does NOT have an easy job. I couldn’t do all that puzzle-solving and re-writing. Storytelling is much harder than it seems. Plus, I have to admit, I was very hard on Lyra. There was a time when I asked, well, no… I demanded that she write a certain thing differently. She repeatedly told me that I had to do something I absolutely did not want to do. I guess I can be quite willful because she wasn’t able to write for almost a year. So, we compromised and she promised me a reward if I allowed her to write what she needed me to do. I still feel a bit used and degraded from it, but I understand now there was a greater purpose.

Sometimes we have to trust our authors that they know best, even if it hurts. But I must admit, I’m quite pleased she gave me that reward. ;)

Thanks, Ayn! Lol

If you'd like to get to know either of these characters better, read Shiva XIV! (On kindle and paperback)

I now nominate Aliya DalRae, JB Richards, Renee Gauthier, India Emerald, and Tabi Slick! Use these questions or come up with your own!

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