Punching Through that Glass Ceiling!

So... I went to see Wonder Woman last Friday and wow... I can barely form into words the epic, monumental feeling I have about it.

Let me start by saying how much I loved the original Wonder Woman TV show from the 70s with Lynda Carter. She was the epitome of beauty and class back then as I was growing up.

I was also way into the animated show, The Superfriends, when I was a kiddie, and I loved how Wonder Woman had an invisible jet. It made no sense, nor did she need one, but whatever, she was awesome anyway! lol

But this movie... oh my gods! Literally! I wasn't expecting this level of quality. I really wasn't. I had heard how awful Batman vs Superman was, (though most people said Gal Gadot was the best thing in it) and I just wasn't looking forward to Hollywood ruining the first big live action movie of the most popular female superhero in comics.

However, despite my fears, I found out that, not only was it an awesome Wonder Woman movie, but it was possibly better than any DC movie they've made so far! The action is kick-ass and well-paced (Go, Amazons, GO!) the acting is spot on, especially Gal Gadot's strong, but heartfelt depiction of Princess Diana, and the directing isn't just another dark-blue sad-fest where you can barely make out what's going on. There are colors - vivid ones! And the whole movie feels visually balanced, as well as emotionally.

There is a strong message in this film, and it goes way beyond female empowerment. The clear anti-war sentiment heavily resonated with me with the amazing lines of “It’s not about deserve; it’s about what you believe. And I believe in love. … Only love will truly save the world.” At that point, I nearly cried. Seriously.

By the end of the film, I was left stunned. What had I just witnessed? Surely, it wasn't just another action superhero movie. Nope. Just like in the film, the god of war isn't just one man who tries to make humanity fall. No, Ares is all around us, and speaks into the ears of men who seek to destroy everyone and everything that threatens their supposed power. This movie may not fight the Ares inside humanity, but it certainly punches the sexist powers that be which seem to be taking over in our present society. And I felt like I was punching along with her!

If you are a woman with any kind of pride, you'll adore this movie. If you're a man with any sense of morality, you'll love this movie. If you're a comics geek? You'll nearly cry like I did. ;)

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