New Covers for Shiva XIV!

I am so excited to announce that my sci-fi book series, Shiva XIV, will be getting a whole new look! The original covers were artistic and lovely, but I kept getting feedback that they didn't look appropriate for the genre - not sci-fi enough. So, I thought about it, and thought some more. I looked into artists and prices, and I felt like I hit a road block. I certainly didn't want a pre-made cover, nor did I want to spend an arm and a leg for a custom design, especially considering that this would be for 3, if not 4 books! I needed a whole new look, and one that would be consistent with each book.

After deliberating for months, I broke down and asked my ridiculously talented spouse, Timothy Casey, to try coming up with something. By my birthday, Timothy surprised me with A FULL BOOK SET OF COVERS! Not only that, but they are GORGEOUS! I'm so friggin happy! They have a sci-fi look, but they also have a classic feel, as if they're both ancient and futuristic, which is the feel I've been told the story gives.

I was going to wait to reveal these amazing covers a few days ahead of Book 3's release in November, but I just can't wait, so I am going to reveal them next month on FB, my site, everywhere. Be on the lookout! :D

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