The Indie Fabs

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Who and what are The Indie Fabs?

I'm glad you asked! A long time ago in an internet far, far away, there were six amazing authors (J.B. Richards, R.M. Gauthier, Eva Pasco, Aliya DalRae, Joanne Van Leerdam, and of course, Aryl L. Shanti), who, in their own right, were fabulous. But one fine Indie Author Day, these unique authors came together to form a group of indies called The Indie Fabs. Their different genres didn't matter because they all had one goal and one creed: to help their fellow indies succeed! 

Founder, J.B. Richards said it best: "We are 'Indies Helping Indies', paying-it-forward by offering support, assistance, and guidance to Indie authors in order to build strong bonds of cooperation and fellowship within our community."

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Ranging from social media sharing to reading and reviewing indie books to services such as my editing service, all six of us are in it for the Indie Community. We feel it's like a giant family that we are proud to call home. 

Furthering our sense of family, we collaborated on a wonderful fairy tale anthology called Once Upon a Fabulous Time. With nine short stories in total, including 2 of mine (The Star Maiden & The Nameless Curse), this collection is one of a kind - perfect for any lover of fantasy, romance, and fairy tales. 

To check out the Indie Fabs' fairy tale collection Once Upon a Fabulous Time, go to

For more info about The Indie Fabs, go to J.B. Richards' fabulous site and learn how to be Fab in your own right!: J.B Richards' Website