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Aryl Edits 

Proofreading & More
Let's make your book shiny!

Editing Services

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($.01 per word)

If you need a light edit to check for basic grammar errors and spelling mistakes or typos, this is the perfect option. Intended only for those who have already edited their work but want a second pair of eyes. 


($.015 per word)

This is an even deeper edit than simply checking for errors. With this package, I will be looking for inconsistencies, repeated words and phrases, as well as overall sentence structure. If the flow is broken or a sentence just doesn't work, I will make suggestions and comments, helping you to strengthen your manuscript and writing style. Includes proofreading.

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Deluxe Package

Only $1,500

This package includes everything listed above, plus a free revision if necessary, as well as personal feedback and my overall thoughts at the bottom of your manuscript. This is the most economical option, especially for those with higher word counts.


($.017 per word)

This is the most intricate level of editing for those in need of a guiding hand. If you need me to help you solve plot bunnies or give in depth suggestions and/or corrections, you'll need this package. Includes Proofreading and copy/line.

Ask about my free sample edit & payment plans!

I use PayPal with professional invoices and offer flexible payment plans with affordable down payments. You can pay the rest however you like at anytime before your final edited manuscript is returned.

*All prices subject to change and are evaluated based on individual services and manuscripts. Prices and editing times may vary. PayPal fees apply to final cost.

Additional Services

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Do you need help with those pesky blurbs? What about an eye-catching cover, trailer, or formatting for your new book? Aryl Edits does it all!

With T. Casey, my partner, graphic designer, and assistant editor, we can help you with every aspect of publishing.​


My name is Aryl, though you might know me by my pen name of Lyra Shanti, author of the award-winning series, Shiva XIV, and The Artist.


As an indie author, I am well aware how difficult it can be to find an affordable, quality editor you can trust. That’s why I decided to become a professional editor. With years of writing, editing, formatting, and self-publishing experience, I am dedicated to helping my fellow authors succeed without breaking their budgets.

I specialize in sci-fi, fantasy, romance, and LGBTQ+, but I take most genres (except for extreme horror, and BDSM.) I also take payment plans and will always work with my clients to help make their writing dreams a reality. 

Versatile with American English, as well as U.K./Australian/Canadian grammar and spelling, I have the experience you need. From short stories to novels, I will catch those pesky errors and help you realize your writing goals. Contact me anytime so we can make your book shiny!



Find out more about me on Facebook. 





Please let me know which kind of editing package you're interested in, your word count, and genre, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Thanks for contacting me. I'll get back to you soon!


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