"The Quantum Soul" Release!

Hey, everybody! So I'm in the middle of Virtual Fantasy Con 2017, and I've taken part in 2 really cool video panels with fellow authors... And that's been great! My own booth is hopping with nifty stuff like character cards and a giveaway for Shiva XIV book 1! 

All those goodies will be at my booth until the 21st, so check it out!:


But what I really want to talk about is a WAY awesome sci-fi anthology I'm involved in!

On Thursday Oct 19th, "The Quantum Soul"  will be available on Amazon! It is a mind-blowing collection of 16 different stories by authors from the Sci-fi Roundtable group, all examining the nature of existence! Some stories are fun and silly and some are really serious. My own contribution is "The Endymion Device," a futuristic tale about a detective who finds clues in his dreams to solve crimes. But nothing in dreams is ever what it seems, and Detective Endymion must face his own nightmare if he has any hope of solving the mystery of his past!

Sound awesome? Of course it is! It's me! 😉

You can get got copy here!: 


Also, there will be a release party for Quantum Soul and yours truly will be hosting an hour at 8pm EST! Click "going" and you're in! :


Ok, that's about it for now! Stay tuned for the big news about when MY upcoming release party for "River of Time" will be! Most likely on November 5-6th! Very soon!!! I can't wait!!

See you then!! 😁

#scifiroundtable #anthology #newbook

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