"Dragon Warrior" B-day special & more!

Hey, all! I'm going to send my September newsletter soon with much more detailed stuff, but until then... Here's a quick blog post!

First off, in celebration of my B-Day in Sept, The Dragon Warrior of Kri (Shiva XIV prequel novella) is going to be discounted for only .99 cents from Aug. 31st untill Sept 14th! Get it while Meddhi is hot! ;)


Secondly, there will be an awesome "32 Author" promo going on for all of September that I will post links about, all month long. Look for great books by a variety of great indie authors, including books by my fellow "Indie Fabs" sisters: Renee Gauthier, Eva Pasco, JB Richards, Aliya DalRae, and Joanne Van Leerdam.

Last of all, starting Sept 1st, the nomination process begins for the Virtual Fantasy Awards on Facebook! I hope you'll consider voting for for me and Shiva XIV!

https://www.facebook.com/events/640705396099749/ Ok, that's it for now. Be on the watch for my Sept newsletter with my new "Featured Author" section!

But before I go... The world has too much bad news lately, so for those like me who need happy distraction, here is a way cute pic of my crazy cat, Pan, enjoying a big bowl in the shower... Cause who wouldn't? ;)

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